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Nowadays, in Burkina Faso, ICTs are more and more promoted in agricultural domain. The result of ICTs and agriculture combination is e-agriculture. ICTs use in agriculture permits to improve it considerably because they are included in every steps of agriculture (by several means). From farmers’ information and formation, production step to marketing of agricultural goods, ICTs play a key role.

First ICTs are useful in farmers’ information and formation. They permit to make agricultural informations accessible to many farmers or e-agriculture contractors. For example, VIAMO (improving lives via mobile) is a social enterprise which has a partnership with mobile telephony and provide agricultural informations (rule of fertilizer use, sowing period, rainfall forecast), weather and farming informations to all. In Burkina Faso, its call centre is 321. There are also agribusiness TV and radio which are television and radio channels where informations about agricultural types, agricultural inputs prices, agricultural good universal prices are given. Agribusiness web TV realizes videos about innovative agricultural techniques. These videos are also diffused on Facebook. That permits farmers to be real-time informed in order to avoid losses.  In the formation category there are many structures or groups which offer training on agricultural techniques. As first example, there is BECAPE, a group formed by Burkinabe students specialized in agricultural production. This group offers online training about agriculture and it has a visibility on social medias as Facebook. BECAPE helps also physically, farmers who have difficulties during production, especially in soilless cultures.

Second, in production step ICTs permit farmers to use efficiently water and fertilizers. There are weather sensors(systems) which take water and air temperature and also informations on the rate of earth humidity. When water quantity is not sufficient, sensor automatically set off the irrigation system upon field. For example, SAAGA is an independent irrigation system developed by Serge ZANGO and helped by BeoogoLAB, a Burkinabe incubator. This will make farmers activities easier and accelerate food self-sufficiency in Burkina Faso. Modernize agriculture in Burkina Faso will make it more profitable. Therefore, there are sophisticated tools for cultivation such as motorized cultivator, rice translators’ and irrigator system connected to a mobile phone.

Finally, ICTs play a key role in the marketing of agricultural goods. They permit farmers to have rapid access to agricultural markets. Facebook permits farmers to present their products and even sell them. Selling through Facebook is a widespread phenomenon in Burkina Faso. There are also online platforms which market farmers’ finished products as FLIKET (Faso LIne marKET) developed by Burkinabe students. ICTs help considerably in linking farmers and consumers together and extending agricultural market.

All in all, ICTs have several ways to improve agriculture in our country, Burkina Faso.  E-agriculture is the best weapon in fighting for food self-sufficiency.

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  • person Franck

    Merci pour cet brillant texte sur l'e-agriculture. Vous avez parcouru les domaines clés depuis les formations à la commercialisation. De nos jours on parle des drones pour l'irrigation, le suivi et même pour le traitement de certaines plantes via les pesticides. Mon avis personnel est que nous devons en tant que jeune prendre la relève des activités que menaient nos parents dans l'agriculture que l'on combinera aux nouvelles technos du numérique pour pallier le problème de l’insécurité alimentaire.

  • person Sidonie

    Oui, absoulument! nous devons revenir à la terre. Et l'agriculture combinée aux TICs sera un moyen efficace d'atteindre d'abord l'autosuffisance alimentaire et par la suite l'indépendance que nous recherchons tant.

  • person Franck

    Tout a fait.

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